A socially conscious company


A socially conscious company

Being the leader in a sector means having a duty to set an example. Our philosophy can be largely summed up in our wish to improve peoples' well-being. Our responsibility is global. It also aims both to increase the number of initiatives intended for our employees and help people and prevent dangers to the environment.

Our strength: our employees

Quality and innovation, which are typical of and drive TCL, are the work of its thousands of employees. It is able to move forward thanks to the climate of trust and the personal development of each and every member of its staff. The company abides by work-related legislation and regulations, particularly where they impinge on private life, by rejecting all forms of discrimination, for example. The relationship with the employee is based on collective or individual negotiation.

Our social commitment

To encourage responsible entrepreneurship

TCL supports SIFE: a student programme based on projects that focus on ethical business practices.

Reconciling entrepreneurship and ethics, performance and social responsibility: this is the idea behind SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise). Launched in the United States in 1973, this initiative aims to promote socially responsible business practices among students by encouraging them to propose concrete solutions to the problems of society from a “human and altruistic” viewpoint. SIFE's founder, the Texan attorney, Robert T. Davis, wanted to help to “create a better world”.

Gradually, the concept was developed in the rest of the world. It is currently active in forty countries – including France – and involves tens of thousands of students. “SIFE is first and foremost a training programme,” stresses Bouchra Aliouat, its Executive Director. “The objective is to develop the students' skills in communication, management, and project management as well as in human terms. It's also about encouraging the students to use these skills to serve the community. We want them to initiate projects which are useful to society and the economy in general,” says Sylvester John, the President of SIFE International. “And, as far as possible, these projects must provide others with the tools and knowledge that will enable them improve their standard of living.” SIFE is part and parcel of the socially responsible entrepreneurship movement, which is enjoying considerable growth in France. Several management schools (EM Bordeaux, EM Lyons, the ESCEM, Euromed, HEC…) have thus taken this approach on board.

Our respect for the environment

TCL's social responsibility is not limited to the present or its employees. To minimise the impact on the environment, the company operates a truly environmentally friendly policy. Apart from reducing electricity consumption, the manufacture and shipping of TVs have a far less harmful effect on the environment. Indeed, thanks to the industrial platforms and the less voluminous packaging, energy expenditure is markedly reduced. This commitment has been recognised throughout the world by several certifications, including ISO 14001 and IECQ HSPM.