Design, at the heart of the TCL approach


An international Design culture

Tim Thom, founded by the high priest of design, Philippe Starck, who directed it from 1992 to 1997, is made up of designers of various origins who share an international culture and are driven by the same creative attitude. Tim Thom is recognised as one of the most innovative integrated design teams.

The merger with the TCL design centre led to the creation of a global team, nourished by the wealth of difference and united by the same passion: to create designs…

Talent serving the user

A talented team designs innovative, easy to use products. It clothes the latest technologies in elegant lines and innovative materials to make them easy to integrate into the user's interior.

Thanks to its curiosity and intuition, the TCL Multimedia Design Team scans the present to find signs of change in the user's behaviour and environment to conceive products better suited to the needs of tomorrow.

They suggest new, simpler, more human ways of living with technology. They encourage new practices by imagining new products and services to make life easier.

Internationally recognised creativity

The TCL Multimedia Design Team has won numerous well-respected Design Awards.

Internationally recognised, Red Dot at IF design prizes have been awarded to their creations on a number of occasions.

The Design Star, awarded by the APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation), and the Janus for industry, with which the IFD (French Design Institute) has been rewarding “products thought out as of conception to contribute added use value, and therefore a benefit to the user” since 1953.

Numerous prizes have also been awarded by Chinese bodies, like the Kapok Innovative Design China, the HKDA Asia Design Award, the Most Successful Design Award awarded by Fortune China magazine and the Best Prize for the most innovative EC product in China, awarded by the CCTV.

In particular, in 2007, the E 72-Arboria television was awarded:

- The Red Dot Product Design Award

- The IF Product Design Award

- The HKDA Asia Design Award

- The Kapok Innovative Design Award