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  1. HDTV

    HD TV

    HD (High Definition) TVs are equipped to receive and decode high-definition audio - video data. HD TVs can receive and decode HD Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial broadcast transmissions.

  2. HDTV 1080p

    HD TV 1080p

    HDTV 1080 p TVs are Full HD TVs ready to receive and decode HD Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial broadcasts from HDTV sources such as a set top box, HD camcorder, HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc player.

  3. HDMI


    Digital audio/video inputs which enable quality playback and avoid signal loss transmission between source and TV set.

  4. LED


    LED Direct backlighting technology improves eveness and brightness and optimises contrast.

  5. LED edge

    LED edge

    LED Edge technology is what is behind those white, light-emitting diodes (LEDS) invisibly “edging” Full HD LCD TV screens. They backlight pixels, heightening detail, color and contrast. Unlit pixels remain black, while backlit pixels are brighter than ever, for truly realistic contrast and superb picture quality. The icing on the cake is that your TV uses much less power !

  6. Light Sensor

    Light Sensor

    Light Sensor plots the best settings for brightness, contrast and color saturation, whatever the ambient lighting. It combines optimal image quality with optimal power consumption, enabling energy savings of up to 60 % overlast year’s sets. Simply activate Light Sensor and let your TV make the adjustments, to the greater benefit of the environment.