TCL Corporation: ten years of international strategy bear fruit

The big “TCL Global Customers” conference was held recently in Xi’an (China). The first plenary session of the international divisions of TCL Corporation, it celebrated the 10th anniversary of TCL Corporation's international development. Close to 200 representatives from the various global divisions were in attendance. Mr Li Dongsheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of TCL Corporation, personally rewarded the ten best international commercial managers in recognition of their commitment and work, who have enabled TCL Corporation to achieve excellent results.

Ten years have passed since TCL Corporation, one of the first Chinese companies to venture into the international market, broke into the Vietnamese market in 1999. Since then, international subsidiaries have been set up in territories such as Europe, the Americas, India and Russia. With the help of its local partners, the company owns its own brands of television (like TCL, RCA, Thomson and ROWA) and mobile telephone (TCL and Alcatel), which have enjoyed success in China, South-East Asia and Latin America. These brands are now taking on the North American and European markets. With almost 50% of its global sales coming from the international market, the company is seeing its efforts to become a global player rewarded after ten years.

During the conference, Chairman Li Dongsheng confided that, in the midst of the global economic crisis, China had already become a regulatory and driving force in globalisation. He added that, for Chinese companies, the opportunities offered by the financial crisis are more important than the challenges with which it has been confronted. With products such as television, air conditioning, mobile telephones, washing machines and lighting coming on to the global market, TCL Corporation continued to grow in the first half 2009, and this in spite of the recession. He concluded his address by saying that company results have given consumers around the world the opportunity to understand China and put their trust in products “Made in China”.

TCL Corporation's recent sales report for the month of August show extraordinary growth in televisions and mobile telephones. The foreign markets have a lot to do with this. In the month of August, sales of LCD screens in North America, Europe and the emerging markets experienced respective growth of 366.6%, 200.4% and 215.3%. In one year, sales of mobile telephones rose by 26.3%.

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