Launch of Generation 8.5 LCD screens in Shenzhen

On 16 November, the first day of the “China Hi-Tech Fair” (CHTF) in Shenzhen (China), the official launch of a new production line for Generation 8.5 LCD screens was announced. The companies, TLC Corporation and Century, have signed an agreement sealing their cooperation on this project, which will mean a total investment of 2.5 billion euro (24.5 billion Yuan).

At the same time, the major technology complex, “Shenzhen Huaxing Photoelectric Technology”, was also announced. This step forward will enable the city of Shenzhen to take advantage of the most efficient LCD screen production line in the country. China is thus undertaking an important step in the renovation of its industry, which needs to be reorganised and modernised to bring in a new era in the electronic communication industry.

The project, costed at 2.5 billion euro, will be constructed by Huaxing Photoelectric (a company with capital of 1 billion euro). TCL Corporation and Century are sharing the funds of this company, in which they have each invested 500 million euro. This new industrial complex is banking on interest from other manufacturers of colour screen and LCD suppliers to make them strategic partners. It will endeavour to involve other players in the market and create technology and marketing synergies in order to foster the competitiveness and modernisation of local Chinese companies. The LCD screens produced in the largest number will be the 26-32 inch and the 46 and 55 inch. The concept is expected to reach 100,000 screens per month and annual production is estimated at 1.4 million.

The new production line will be located in the new hi-tech industrial park in the Shenzhen Guangming district. The construction will involve support and fire prevention installations, service structures and passageways between the buildings. Work will commence in mid-January 2010 and test start-up is scheduled towards the end of 2011. The project will enable the companies involved to take a considerable step forward and form a complex that generates 10 billion euro per annum. As required by domestic industrial strategy development in China, this industrial complex for LCD screens will be heavily supported by the National Commission for Development and Reform, the Ministry of Industry and Information and Communication Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology for the province of Guangdong. The city of Shenzhen will also provide support.

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