“Trip in China”: TCL Corporation unveils its strategy for the Asian Games

TCL Corporation, sponsor of the Asian Games 2010 in Guangzhou, unveiled its “Happy Asian Games, new visual frontier” strategy during a press conference at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou. For these Games to be a celebration for the whole world, TCL Corporation is designing its marketing campaign around the event next year. TCL Corporation is also involved in the “Trip in China” promotion campaign for the Asian Games, an involvement which the organising committee of the Asian Games (GAGOC) has welcomed.

The Asian Games 2010 in Guangzhou will be the biggest sporting event that China has experienced since the Beijing Olympics in 2008. TCL Corporation will be hard at work on the “Trip in China” promotion campaign for the Asian Games. It is taking place in nine Chinese cities (including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou) where it will spread the spirit of the Asian Games. The event will encourage the public to participate through music, dance and cultural activities with a local flavour.

The Secretary General of the municipality of Guangzhou (Gu Shiyang) stressed in his address that “TCL Corporation's involvement comes in the hope of harvesting the benefits of the heritage of the Olympic Games in Beijing and encouraging the spirit of sport in China”.

“The Olympic motto, 'Faster, higher, stronger' and that of the Asian Games 2010 in Guangzhou, 'Passionate Games and Harmonious Asia', are a perfect fit for TCL Corporation: a sound brand image, happy and passionate in the spirit of enterprise, cooperation, innovation and excellence”, declared the Senior Vice-Chairman of TCL Corporation (Shi Wanwen).

In 2010, TCL Corporation will base its work on three themes: happiness, the Asian Games and the “New Visual Frontier” concept. The company will focus on the Asian Games, a very media friendly event, and the Chinese men's basketball team to promote a series of events in cooperation with the GAGOC. TCL Corporation will provide its customers with multimedia products for a cutting edge user experience. The people watching the Asian Games will thus be able to make the most of audio/video products and technological media from one of the world leaders in the business. More people will thus share in the passion, creativity and pleasure of the Asian Games in Guangzhou.

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