TCL launches its LCD screen assembly plant

On 16 September 2009, TCL Corporation launched the construction of its LCD screen assembly plant. It represents the largest independent investment for this kind of project in China. Equipped with state of the art technology, the structure is expected to mark the renewal of Chinese industry in the television screen sector. This construction marks the beginning of building of the third phase of the TCL LCD industrial park.

A total of 265 million euro has been invested in the construction of the TCL LCD industrial park, which comprises 3 phases. The first (122 million euro) has a production capacity of 8 million LCD modules per annum. It was completed last December. The second phase is based on the assembly plant, which was completed this year. Building on the third phase of the TCL LCD industrial park has already begun.

The LCD screen assembly plant required an investment of close to 61 million euro. It occupies a surface area of 53,700 m² and has 8 assembly lines. The structure will produce 700,000 LCD screens in 2009. When construction of the industrial park is completed (at the beginning of 2010), it is expected to produce 3 million LCD screens (15 to 55 inch models) and 2 million wide screens per annum.

TCL Corporation believes that its assembly plant will enable it, on the one hand, to reduce production costs and, on the other hand, improve its competitive edge in the LCD screen business. In addition, to help the company to meet the requirements of the international and national markets, increased production capacity will stimulate the local economy by boosting manufacturing and services related to LCD screens.

Mr Lou Qinjian, Vice-Minister of Industry and Communication Technologies, believes that TCL Corporation has followed the government's roadmap on regional development in the Pearl River Delta and modernisation of the electronics industry in the communication sector. These measures aim to increase competitiveness in the Chinese electronics industry. Building its assembly plant represents a key stage for TCL Corporation, which would like to have its own competitiveness cluster in the flat screen age. The TCL LCD industrial park also has ambitions to drive the modernisation and improved competitiveness of Chinese industry.

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