TCL rediscovers the Silk Road and promotes the Asian Games

On 3 September, a section of the Asia Road was inaugurated, a far-reaching programme of cultural and sporting exchanges for which the objective is to promote the Asian Games in Guangzhou in 2010. The Director of Communication of the TCL brand, Mr Chen Bingfeng, took part in the ceremony and presented a flag of the Asia Road. As a sponsor of the Asian Games in Guangzhou, TCL Corporation involves its national and overseas offices to provide the technical and material support necessary to back the Asia Road. This with the aim of rediscovering the ancient Silk Road, promoting Chinese culture and the spirit of the Asian Games: “Passionate Games and Harmonious Asia”.

After taking in the maritime Silk Road, the Asia Road is now going to complete its mission and promote the Asian Games 2010. TCL Corporation will be escorted by the Asia Road convoy from Guangzhou to Xi’an. This final city, where a welcome ceremony will be held, is the starting point for the Silk Road. The convoy will go through the Horgas Pass in Xinjiang to enter Mongolia and five central Asian countries, including Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. All along the Silk Road, it will stop over in important historic cities such as Taraz, Shymkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Mary. During this 12,000 km odyssey, TCL Corporation and its cortege will take part in several events: press conferences, fun races, “Yangyang Goes to Asia”, walkabouts and photo sessions to promote the pleasure of the Asian Games.

Mr Chen declared: “TCL Corporation has always seen the development of sport as the social involvement of the company as well as a brand strategy highlighting passion and creativity. By supporting the Asia Road, in its quest to bring the ancient Silk Road back to life, TCL Corporation hopes, on the one hand, to promote cultural exchange among the Asian nations and, on the other hand, to thank all its customers”.

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